Wonder of the Seas | (A1) Spacious AquaTheater Suite with Large Balcony – 2BR | Tour & Review 4K

Join Danny as he tours a Spacious AquaTheater Suite with Large Balcony – 2 Bedrooms aboard the beautiful new Wonder of the …


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  1. It would be cool if we could get some behind the scenes vid, like camera rig, go to editing stuff, and how you plan videos (and maybe some bloopers too0. Also it'd be neat to see, if at all possible, a video about the ship itself (Like propulsion, crew, control area, etc.).

  2. Hey Danny and Taylor. Ooohh. Liking this preview. The second bedroom is spacious just basic. Plain. No art. Oh. Ok. Great. 2 baths. The master stands out because of the splash of blue in the accent wall behind the bed and the curtains. Even the little plant on the desk. Great storage. Bathroom about the same size as the first but has the shower/tub combo. The bowed out shower actually looks roomier. The living and dining room space is amazing. Comfy seating at the table. Large comfy sofa and 2 chairs. The living storage is plentiful compared to the first bedroom. The balcony is amazing. Loungers outside the master. The dining is lovely. 2 more loungers. And love the bar seating in view of the shower. Yess. Perfect. Like this one guys. Thanks so much and see you next video.

  3. If they could just make that master bath larger with a separate shower and bath tub, I'd jump right on this. I'm always stubbing my toes on that door runner

  4. It was good to see you at Cafe Promenade on our final day onboard. Actually, met Gordon, your newest editor, at Labadee, the head of your travel department and his group at St. Thomas. Keep up the great work. Texas out. 👍🏻

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