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  1. You mentioned around 2:00 that if you’re staying at a Disney Resort or Good Neighbour resort you will get early magic hour entry. I’m not sure that’s correct. Good Neighbour hotels don’t get magic hour, only Gateway Hotels do.

  2. Oh, stuffed pretzel by Rockin' Roller Coaster so sucketh. We were looking so forward to a good pretzel but again, AJ steered us wrong.

  3. I love your videos. I am getting ready to go to Disney with 23 people and your videos are helping me plan everything. Thanks AJ and DFB.

  4. Eveytime I go to Disney World, the rules get stricter and strciter. For one, I remember back when you didn't have to schedule rides or make reservations for everything. You did whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted and as many times as you wanted. When that changed, that was the last straw for me, and my family has never been back.
    Most of us till wont be revisiting, even though my mom and uncle want to go back to Hollywood Studios for the "Star Wars" stuff. I don't even want to call it Star Wars because it's not the Star Wars (the George Lucas/original story) that everyone loves. Instead it's Disney's wannabe version of Star Wars.
    It's all just a money grab at this point.

  5. Do you know if the Star Wars Galactic Dessert Party will be returning? We saw that in 2016 – and were going to purchase tix for 2020… then everything shut down and we had to reschedule our vacation. It was such a GREAT party – our kiddos really loved it!

  6. TRAVEL UPDATE: can’t you get to HS by boat too? We are planning a trip and plan on staying at Beaches and I’m pretty sure there is a boat ride to HS. Is it still running?

  7. So helpful! I am going to Disney on a few weeks and we are going to go to Hollywood Studios.😇😇

  8. The short path to Batuu via Commissary is not always open early in the morning. We got redirected which put us behind everyone else 🙁

  9. The $30 sabers were PERFECT for our kids. They are plastic but light up and make sounds. You can pick your color and hilt. And if you go to target, these already built sabers cost around $20 anyways, so pay the extra $10 and make your own

  10. Beware of ridshares at closing. Surge pricing is insane. Our ride there was $10. Our ride back to the hotel was $40.

  11. Traveling with small kids I love that AJ always mentions the best bathrooms! Thank you ! Among drinks , food & other experiences this is always so helpful!

  12. With rise of the resistance IAS, I heard it’s nearly impossible to get an IAS if you’re staying in a good neighbor hotel since you won’t be able to book until park open.

  13. We just got home from disney, and I absolutely loved galaxy's edge, its where we spent most of the day, however I was so incredibly underwhelmed by the hollywood blvd part, I was expecting there to be more in that area, but besides tower of terror and the chinese theater there was really nothing special about this part of park to me 🙁

  14. Please make a video talking about How to do Walt Disney World as a Disabled person!
    I am Disabled & would like to know what is required & available to me & others that will travel with me. I heard I might have to pre register where in the past I had to just go to the front of a park at the start & I was good. Plus with fast pass changes what about me not being able to stand in line?
    Thank you!!!!!

  15. One day trip to DHS for Rise 2.14.22 Waited 4.5 hours at rope drop and the ride went down until about 1 hour before park close. Waited 45 minutes and the ride went down. Basically an entire day wasted with no payoff. No type of compensation because we were not returning to Disney

  16. Great video. Can you do one for each park.
    In july we are taking our kids for thier 1st WDW vacation.

    Can you also do a video about where to buy ears and Apparels other than the Disney online store

  17. Love the DFB! Went to Disney 1st week in February, just my Gf and I, I would highly recommend IAS we got on rise of the resistance in 20 minutes. And that was with it being shut down temporarily. 🐭❤️

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