Oasis of the Seas | Complete Walkthrough Tour (2022)

Oasis of the Seas, the first of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-Class cruise ships underwent a massive amplification in 2019 that brought …


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  1. Do the shows, like the water show, have to be booked in advance or is it walk up? If they have to be prebooked do we do it before we board or on board?

  2. once again you guys put out a great video. I love how long it was The reason why is so you can see everything. I mean everything. I was glad to watch this video because somebody told me when I was on Odyssey of the seas for 2 weeks. Oasis was looking old and dusty. it looks just as good as it always has. I don't know what they were smoking or drinking. great video again. God bless

  3. I'm booking my first cruise and there is a charge for tips added when I tried to check out. Do I still bring cash to tip the staffs even after they already charged me? What's the general rule on that?

  4. We are first timers on the Oasis this was an excellent video to help up plan our upcoming trip. Thank you for all the details. Enjoyed this tour.

  5. Appreciating the new ledge surrounding the great pool play area. Originally there was no barrier and water got everywhere, creating a danger for those walking nearby.

  6. The best part of this video blog was when royal Caribbean cruise line pushed their own company's commercial on one of their cruise ship full tuor 🥱oasis of the seas.

  7. The best walk through tour of a ship ever. We ll all take lesson from it, while we are in a family. You spoke very slow and took your time ⏲️. Wonderful.

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