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For the very first time, Iguana Yachts, the French boat yard that produces land-crawling amphibious watercraft is offering a Caribbean-based charter opportunity for sailors that want to get a taste of the vessel’s unique experience.

From now until this April, an X100 amphibious boat will be docked (well, based) in St. Martin to ply the local waters or be delivered to neighboring islands (St. Barths, Anguilla, St. Kitts and Nevis). The charter offer is open-ended and customizable: A brief excursion to get the feel of the vessel’s operation, a full day on the water, a special corporate or private event, land-to-water-to-land beach explorations, water taxi transfers...it can even be hired as a super yacht tender if desired.

Regardless of how you use the X100, heads will turn even in these tony maritime destinations where the most outstanding vessels can get a yawning response from jaded onlookers.

Aboard the amphibious boat, you can start your voyage on land (no dock necessary) as expandable tracks (think miniature tank treads) crawl the X100 from shore to sea. The tracks are separately powered by a 15 kWh electric motor that produces enough torque to roll over nearly any terrain, from soft sand to mud to pebbles, and up and down steep slopes with as much as a 40% incline at a safe 4.4 mph.

With the tracks deployed, the center of balance is constant and can operate with up to 12 people (or the equivalent weight) aboard and can withstand up to 16 tons of load and ford 4-foot waves, both going out or coming in. Once in the water, the tracks retract seamlessly into the hull.

The sturdy vessel employs inflatable Hyperlon 860 rib tubes for uncanny stability. Twin outboards deliver a blistering maximum speed of 47 knots (55 mph), which means you can enjoy water sports from wake boarding to snorkeling.

The charter program is available to anyone interested in having some one-of-a-kind fun on the Caribbean waves this season, but Iguana is banking on the experience resonating with waterfront property owners. An Iguana Yacht can virtually eliminate the costs and hassles of dock construction and upkeep as well as provide unmatched land-based convenience for hull and engine maintenance and off-season storage. Explorations will take on a new aspect, as well, as you roll you, your guests and your gear from your shoreline, out onto the water, up onto a remote beach and back again.

The X100 is the “SUV” model of Iguana Yacht’s amphibious line. An even more luxurious Commuter model (from $693,000) features the same land-and-sea capabilities in a more cutting-edge cabin cruiser footprint. But a charter aboard the St. Martin-based boat will more than satisfy your curiosity, and may even turn you into an amphibian yourself.

Iguana Yachts X100

Price: from $272,000

Length: 31 feet

Beam: 11 feet

Max. passengers: 16

Max. power: 600hp

Charter pricing varies depending on excursion details. Click here to get started.