About Grenada

Grenada is a Caribbean country comprising a main island, also called Grenada, and smaller surrounding islands. Dubbed the “Spice Isle,” the hilly main island is home to numerous nutmeg plantations. The capital city is called St georges.

Grenada belongs to the Windward Islands, the southern group of the Lesser Antilles in the West Indies. It is an independent island state within the Commonwealth of Nations in the West Indies is one of the smallest independent countries in the western hemisphere. Grenada is also a member of Caricom and part of the OECS member states.

Where is Grenada located?

Grenada is an island in the West Indies located between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, north of Trinidad and Tobago and south of St Vincent & the Grenadines. It is located on the map at latitude 12°07′N, longitude 61°40′W.

Is Grenada opened for Tourism?

Yes. Grenada is opened for Tourism.

What language is spoken in Grenada?

English is spoken in Grenada.

Which currency does Grenada use?

Grenada uses the East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) as its main currency, however many local businesses accept USD, CAD, GBP and EUR as payment for goods and services.

Where is the Grenada Tourism Authority located?

The Grenada Tourism Authority is located in Burns Point, St George's, Grenada.

How to contact the Grenada Tourism Authority?

To contact the Grenada Tourism Authority you can email of call +1-(473)-440-2001 or vist their their official website.

What are some things to do in Grenada?

Here are some things to do in Grenada.

    • You can take a trip to Hog Island
    • Walk along the Carenage in St Georges
    • Climb to Fort Matthew
    • Try some water sports in Dragon Bay
    • Enjoy Fish Fridays in Gouyave
    • Take a trip over to carriacou and Petit Martinique
    • Listen to some sweet steel pan music
    • Unwine at a Friday night bonfire and BBQ in St Georges
    • Learn about the Carib's Leap at Sauteurs
    • Go bowling at Lavo Lanes in St Georges
    • Witness the Grenada Music Festival
    • Visit Black Bay Beach in St John
    • Dine at the Creole Shack Restaurant in St Georges
    • Explore Dougalson Spice Estate in Gouyave
    • Visit the Grenada National Museum in St georges
    • Discover Fort George in St Georges
    • Spend a day at the Grand Etang National Part in north east of Constantine
    • Explore Annandale Falls in Willis
    • Go deep sea fishing
    • Visit Fort Frederick in St George
    • Take a splash in Concord Falls in Concord
    • Trek to Mount St Catherine in St Mark
    • Visit Seven Sisters Falls within the Grand Etang National Park
    • Bathe at the Royal Mt Carmel Falls in St Andrew
    • Sample rum at the River Antoine Rum Distillery in St patrick
    • Participate in Spice Mass festival
    • Bicycle tours around Grenada
    • Dip in as many of the 45 beaches in Grenada as you can
    • Explore the underwater Sculpture Park in St Georges
    • Explore Palm Tree Botanical Gardens

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